1. Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Existential Fear

  2. Let The Noise Flow Through You
    Superchip Dragonsquad // Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra

  3. No Pizza For You
    Audens Raign // Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestrsa

  4. Toyland Castle In Outer Space
    Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra // Ozark Soundscape

  5. I Suppose There's Not Really A Reason To Carry On

  6. Monophonic Orange

  7. 10hz Zemplar MET

  8. No One Came To My Birthday Party
    Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra // Nevhar Anhar

  9. Zoroastrianism Vol. 7: Age
    Hairspray Heart

  10. Industrial Symphonies
    Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra // 회사AUTO

  11. Suburban Snow Animals

  12. Zoroastrianism Vol. 6: Little Man
    Hairspray Heart

  13. Ambient Recordings For Weary Humans

  14. Zoroastrianism Vol. 5: Seoul Jazz
    Hairspray Heart

  15. Zoroastrianism Vol. 4: Winter Affairs
    Hairspray Heart

  16. Zoroastrianism Vol. 3: Escapes From The World
    Hairspray Heart

  17. (Live At The Jackpot)

  18. Zoroastrianism Vol. 2: Modern Days
    Hairspray Heart

  19. Lovebrrd And Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra
    Lovebrrd And Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra

  20. And I Don't Know You, You Are A Ghost
    Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra And Chewbacca And The Chekhovs

  21. Zoroastrianism Vol. 1: Abstraction
    Hairspray Heart

  22. Guide Us Through The Madness Of The World With Guitars And Amps In Hand

  23. Lost Trail / ZZZ Top And The Dumb Drums
    Lost Trail / ZZZ Top And The Dumb Drums

  24. Happy Holographic Holidays EP

  25. cat / Hairspray Heart
    cat / Hairspray Heart

  26. ZZZ Top And The Dumb Drums
    ZZZ Top And The Dumb Drums

  27. Compilation Submissions And Appearences

  28. The Two Suns Of San Antonio
    Hairspray Heart

  29. Tasisity/Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra

  30. Hairspray Heart LP
    Hairspray Heart

  31. Let The Red Lights Shine Upon You (Live Album)

  32. Broadcast Sector M13

  33. Lost Trail/TMRO Split

  34. Star Finding In The Field

  35. Finale

  36. Yonkers

  37. Songs Found In Dreams Part 2 EP

  38. Songs Found In Dreams Part 1 EP


Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra Katy, Texas

Musical outlet for Katy,TX//Lawrence, KS experimental musician Drew Smith.

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